Sketch – Mayfair, London

The Gallery aka Pink Room, Photo Credit: Sketch

It’s been a while since I have written anything on here as the last few months have been pretty hectic between new jobs and moving around. As well as this I haven’t been eating out as often, if at all, in the past few months. With restaurants starting to open back up I am feeling incredibly fortunate that I have  been able to try out some gems recently. 

I haven’t been too keen to venture anywhere too busy, however anywhere I have been lately has been well spaced out, sanitised and by reservation only so the experience has been really comfortable and enjoyable. 

Up this week we have Sketch. Sketch is an instagrammers dream. It’s a well known go to spot in London and it’s definitely worth a visit, if you enjoy quirky decor and attentive staff. There are a few different restaurants to choose from, each with its own theme – The Parlour, The Lecture Room & Library, The Glade, the Gallery and the East Bar & Pods. Even their website is quirky and fun with interactive pages. You can check it out here. For this reservation we went to the Gallery, also known as the Pink room which you may already have seen on instagram.  

The staff were extremely friendly and welcoming and we were seated at our pink velvet booth. To start we ordered drinks, I went for a Sketch Spritz which was fruity and fresh.

Our waiter was well informed on gluten free options and even checked with the kitchen to confirm any questions that I had about the menu. I opted for the Poached Sea Bass and a side portion of creamy spinach, while my friend opted for the lobster and fries. The seabass was soft and lovely, served with artichoke and a creamy sake sauce. They also provided some gluten free bread and were overall really helpful.

As we ordered dessert, the waiter advised that we don’t take too long the loos as it would be ready in 15 minutes which I found strange – until I saw them. There is a hidden bar, encased in 2 white staircases which lead upwards to what looked like giant white eggs. These are the loos which are overseen by a multicolour neon light ceiling – it’s almost as if being in a museum or art gallery and it’s worth the visit alone.  

For dessert I went for the chocolate parfait with berry sorbet which was divine. I don’t always go for dessert but I always always look at the menu just in case something looks particularly good. Unfortunately the Glade bar was full so we went for a drink in the Parlour after dinner, which is a bar at the front with dusky decor and neon lights.

While I found the food only okay the atmosphere, staff and overall experience makes up for it. They were really accommodating for vegetarian and gluten free and the staff were well informed.  Sketch is the perfect combination of restaurant meets gallery meets museum so if you’re looking for something a little bougie and special while in London it’s worth a visit. They also do an amazing afternoon tea which you can read more about at Cocktail Saturdays review here

Inside the Famous Sketch Loos – Every cubicle is in the form of an egg

Restaurant: Sketch

Location: 9 Conduit St, Mayfair, London W1S 2XG


Price Range: ££££

Vibe: Smart Casual

Take Me to the Trees- Petersham Nurseries



Address: Church Lane, Off, Petersham Rd, Richmond TW10 7AB

While I love London, sometimes the hustle and bustle can be too much and I crave nothing more than to be amongst the trees. It may be from growing up in the Irish countryside, that I find being surrounded by nature soothes the soul and resets me for another few weeks in  the wonderful chaos of the city. 

My favourite place to go when the green withdrawals show their bushy head is Richmond in South West London. It’s still technically London so you don’t feel like you’ve trekked miles away away for your nature fix. 

This little village seamlessly moves from luxe boutiques and cafes, to a 2,500 acre park with deers which roam happily amongst park dwellers.

Just past the park amongst the fields and fairytale houses you can find the adorable setting of Petersham Nurseries, which in the summer is buzzing with bees and lunch lovers. This quaint nursery serves delicious food which is fresh from  the garden. Thankfully they also do some amazing gluten free options at the Nurseries Cafe – I went with a spanish omelette, a fresh mint tea and the most decadent gluten free chocolate brownie. They also do some gorgeous salads which you can mix and match. The Teahouse, the restaurant housed inside a quirky glasshouse, also offers seasonal food and statement salads. Dishes are inspired by the garden and you feel fully immersed in the rustic feel of your surroundings. 

Already counting down the days to my next visit!