Brother Hubbards

Before heading back to London in the New Year I had brunch in Brother Hubbard’s South in Dublin on Harrington’s Street. This is one of two with the original Brother Hubbard’s based in North Dublin on Chapel Street.

The menu is an interesting mix of eastern vibes with traditional brunch recipes.

While many of their sweet options including the granola and pancakes were not gluten free, the main courses could all be ordered as gluten free on request.

I ordered the Spicy Pork Rarebit- which was a delicious baked open sandwich with chorizo spiced pulled pork & Irish cheddar cheese sauce on gluten free bread with spinach, pickled red onion & a drizzle of hot sauce, topped with a fried egg. Overall this was really tasty, with the egg being perfectly cooked with a soft yolk and the gluten free bread was not dry or crumbly.

As the gluten free bread was smaller than the usual option they also made a double portion, which was a little bit too much in my opinion.

The salad on the side was a delicious red cabbage salad with cucumber chunks, which they alternate seasonally.

Definitely worth a visit, coeliac or no coeliac!