From Gluten to Glutton

Welcome to my world,

My name is CJ (Ciara-Jayne) and I am an avid foodie who happens to be coeliac.  I currently live in London, and have ties to both Holland and Ireland, hence the Half Dutch Cookie.

Being diagnosed in 2012 as coeliac hasn’t always been easy however a number of years later and I adore all things food – how to make it, how to cook it, how to grow it and where to eat it. In some ways being coeliac has been a blessing in disguise – it’s taught me more about food than I ever knew and has introduced me to some amazing ingredients, recipes and conversations. Good food fuels the body and the soul!

I love nothing more than discovering the best brunch spots and travelling the world exploring new places. A few fun facts about me:

  • Breakfast is my favourite meal 
  • I speak both dutch and german 
  • I love to paint (badly) 
  • I always wanted to be a TV presenter 
  • I am obsessed with tea (Barry’s mainly) 

If you have any questions, love gluten free food too or want to collaborate please contact me using the email address or see the contact page.