Take Me to the Trees- Petersham Nurseries

Website: https://petershamnurseries.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/petershamnurseries/

Address: Church Lane, Off, Petersham Rd, Richmond TW10 7AB

While I love London, sometimes the hustle and bustle can be too much and I crave nothing more than to be amongst the trees. It may be from growing up in the Irish countryside, that I find being surrounded by nature soothes the soul and resets me for another few weeks in  the wonderful chaos of the city. 

My favourite place to go when the green withdrawals show their bushy head is Richmond in South West London. It’s still technically London so you don’t feel like you’ve trekked miles away away for your nature fix. 

This little village seamlessly moves from luxe boutiques and cafes, to a 2,500 acre park with deers which roam happily amongst park dwellers.

Just past the park amongst the fields and fairytale houses you can find the adorable setting of Petersham Nurseries, which in the summer is buzzing with bees and lunch lovers. This quaint nursery serves delicious food which is fresh from  the garden. Thankfully they also do some amazing gluten free options at the Nurseries Cafe – I went with a spanish omelette, a fresh mint tea and the most decadent gluten free chocolate brownie. They also do some gorgeous salads which you can mix and match. The Teahouse, the restaurant housed inside a quirky glasshouse, also offers seasonal food and statement salads. Dishes are inspired by the garden and you feel fully immersed in the rustic feel of your surroundings. 

Already counting down the days to my next visit!

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