Brunch at District Cafe

Last weekend my housemate and I decided to head out for a walk and some brunch. We decided to stroll along the river in Vauxhall in the hope to find somewhere new we hadn’t tried before. Despite all of the up and coming high rises in the area there strangely isn’t many cute cafes, so when we stumbled upon District cafe and were pleasantly surprised.

District is a tiny, bustling cafe hidden amongst Embassy gardens, which is directly across from the American Embassy. It’s decor is bright white, with sharing tables and wide, glass doors which were left open, letting in the beautiful morning sunshine. 

They do an Australian brunch inspired menu with plenty of gluten free, dairy free and vegan options. I was super keen to try their gluten-free buckwheat pancakes, with coconut yoghurt and berries but unfortunately everyone else the same idea because they were sold out. Instead I went for the spicy corn fritters with a fried egg, avocado and greek yogurt which were amazing! I also ordered a ‘Aussie’ smoothie which was made with almond milk, avocado, pineapple and topped with bee pollen. 

My housemate went for the scrambled eggs with sourdough toast and smoked salmon, which they also had as an option on gluten free bread. Would definitely recommend it, the perfect chill weekend brunch spot!

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