I’m still only coming back to reality after the holiday of dreams in Mykonos. Mykonos is a stunning island off the coast of Greece which is part of the Cyclades island. The sea is brilliant turquoise blue and the sun shines almost everyday. As well as that the food is incredible and the local people are undeniably friendly.


I haven’t travelled so much since becoming coeliac so was a bit nervous about gluten free options. I was pleasantly surprised that everywhere we went the staff were super knowledgeable and there was always additional choices including gluten free breads and pastas. The seafood options are also some of the freshest you could find and cooked to perfection.

I’ve also created a map so you can find them where each restaurant is located easily here. Mykonos is pretty tiny so you’re only ever 20 minutes away from another area at the most, but hopefully this can help you plan your day.

Here’s a list of some of my favourites: 

  1. Koursaros 
  2. Pepper  
  3. Buddha Bar
  4. Pasta Fresca Barkia 
  5. Kastros
  6. Nice n’ Easy
  7. Hippie Fish
  8. Spilia
  9. Scorpio
  1. Koursaros

This gem was recommended by a friend and tucked away in the centre of the old town. It’s a beautiful indoor and outdoor setting with simple, stylish decor and fresh vibes. There is an in-house DJ playing an amazing playlist and a buzzy atmosphere and the staff are really attentive. They serve a variety of sushi and fresh seafood options and even provided some gluten free bread with the starters. 

2. Pepper

This was probably one of our favourites and so simple – Gyros. I couldn’t believe that they actually had gluten free Gyros so this one was an amazing find! This is a cute little gastronomy grill located in the very centre of the old town and they serve some of the finest souvlaki in town and the corn pitta’s are gluten free.

3. Buddha Bar

This restaurant is a fine dining restaurant by the waters edge. The staff here were incredibly accommodating with gluten free and even brought down some tamari sauce in a separate dish. They do some gluten free sushi rolls as well but only the ones wrapped in cucumber as they add soy sauce to the rice rolls. 

4. Pasta Fresca Barkia

This divine Italian restaurant is straight across from Pepper and they have a stunning pasta display located outside. This little spot is a 41 year old family restaurant and the food is incredible. They make all of their own pasta in various shapes and flavours including a divine gluten free spaghetti or penne. 

5. Kastros

There are many beautiful greek restaurants dotted throughout the old town. Kastros is located on the edge of little Venice and has balconies hanging over the sea which you can sit out on for your meal. We had some lunch here and ordered the Seabass and Seabream. The fish is super fresh and was served with a broccoli coconut puree and toasted almonds.

6. Nice N’ Easy

I had read about Nice N’ Easy before we arrived as they do gourmet gluten free and vegan in the very centre of little Venice, overlooking the Windmills. They had gluten free breads, pastas and even calamari. Go with an appetite or sharing as the portions tended to be quite large. 

7. Spilia

After a day on the boat, our captain brought us for lunch at this stunning restaurant. The decor is beautiful and in keeping with the shoreline, which your table sits on the edge of. The food was beautiful and fresh albeit slightly on the pricer side. However would definitely recommend a trip here as the setting is beyond beautful.  

8. Hippie Fish 

We went here on our final night as we wanted something a bit more chill. This restaurant is located on the beach edge and is opened out facing the sea. We went for a mix of sushi which was gluten free. While the food was stunning, the atmosphere here was a little quieter than some of the other places we visited. 

9. Scorpios

Scorpios is a beautiful beach club where the music is amazing and the food is incredible. The waiter pointed which options were gluten free on the menu and we went for a mixed array of mussels, oysters and octopus which was delicious!

Let me know if you have any foodie recommendations whether Mykonos or elsewhere!

CJ x


  1. Ingrid Byrnes says:

    Fabulous reviews

  2. I wanted to go there but haven’t managed it. It looks marvellous.

    1. CJ says:

      I would definitely recommend! It’s beautiful and some of the best food I have had.

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